Pearl shores guide
her body through
turquoise waters
splashing under
her in waves of thunder.

She tastes the salt
water dripping
from the outline
of his lips
before she slips
deeper than
the distant ship
can save her.

Ah, Lagoona!
trapped underneath the sea
tangled in emerald sea weed
and desiring to desperately need
his dark eyes glazing
through the starlit sky ahead
and capturing his heart
in words that are left unsaid.

He cannot hear your calling
underneath the pull
of the moon’s full
rounded shape
or taste the salt
dripping from your lips.
He chooses not
to outline your body from
the start of your hips
and course his fingers
through tangled sea weed
to reach your true form.

Ah, Lagoona!
Drown deeper in words
breathing out the breeze
quicker than its actual release.
Your heart is scattered in shells
along the pearl shore,
ready to shatter the floor
of lovers stranded on
the cliff’s coves.

Lagoona, reach out to me
before his words
drown you deeper
than the distant ship
can reach you!
Do not allow your body
to forever be trapped
in emerald sea weed.
Learn to value your need
and learn to leave.

~Britany Elayne


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