Valued or Liked?

We often forget the value of the people we surround ourselves with and the places we visit. We grow accustomed to merely liking instead of valuing what’s in front of us. What’s the difference? Well, being valued means a hell of a lot more than just being liked.

I can admire someone’s dedication in doing great things. I can like their ambition, strength, and determination in getting things done and creating something beautiful, but it doesn’t mean I value it. I don’t have to value the things and the people that I just “like” because it doesn’t affect me personally. Their work or ambitions aren’t going to land me my dream job or benefit me in anyway. So why should me or anyone else care about merely liking something? Where’s the value in what we like or even don’t like? I guess we’ll never know.

I suppose when I’m taking about valuing something in life, I mean valuing it for what it is and isn’t. For not putting unrealistic expectations and putting that person or thing on a pedestal to merely admire. If I value something or someone, I make the time to diverge into all their faults and perfections. I just can’t stand just merely liking something or someone without being a little realistic about it. Although I tend to put things and people that I like on some sort of pedestal, I have to remind myself that there’s a difference between liking and valuing them. I have to remember that being valued and treating life as valuable takes time and effort. There needs to be more than a feeling of admiration. There needs to be action and progress towards the end goal of liking, which is loving.

I love the things and people that I value. I don’t just admire them for what they do or for who they are, however, I love them for what they aren’t. There’s no pedestal to put on what I value in the end because I choose to sacrifice what I like for what I don’t like. I’m honest in the sense that I also have flaws and traits that are undesirable, but those who value me, see my potential to be the best version of myself. And in response, I give the people and things of value the same consideration.

In essence, I don’t have to be liked to be valuable. Just like I don’t have to like that person who cut me off this morning when I was on my way to school. However, they are still valuable to someone or something out there. I can say they are valuable because they are still a person who deserves to be valued and appreciated in some way. I just don’t know that yet and probably never will. Their action still doesn’t undermine their value.

As I’m writing this blog post in my university library, waiting for my 2’oclock class to start, I will always remember the difference between being liked and valued. Like is just not enough to inspire me, I need to be valued. And value is something you can never truly replace. So, I value you for the person you are. And its okay, you don’t have to like me back.



No More Time to Waste

I was just thinking of how much time I waste in a given day. Worrying about people and things that don’t even matter and wasting precious time for nothing. I used to hold out my time for people who never gave back, for monetary things that don’t even matter, and feed into my thoughts with more confusion. Now, I can say that I have no more time to waste on self-doubt, people who don’t make an effort, and things that are only temporary. Sorry guys, I just value my time more.

I’ve got places I have to be, people I have to see, and things I got to do so I can live life to the fullest. I don’t have time to deal with people who don’t matter or give into the little voice in the back of my mind, telling me how I’m going to fail in life. NO. I don’t have time for that. I won’t allow my time to be wasted because that’s a portion of my life that I’ll never get back.  I want to experience life with every fiber of my being and share my time with people who matter the most me. I don’t have time for negativity, criticism, or expectations of what I should be for another person. I just don’t care. Either accept the person I am and stop wasting my time, or leave. It’s really that simple.

Not to say that I don’t care about how I conduct myself around others. I just only care about how I’m perceived with the people who are in my life and my time accommodates them. Yes, I have priorities and goals that are important to give my time to, but that’s what I choose to devote my time to. I devote myself to my family, friends, career, and everything else that embodies who I am and what I do. I just don’t have time for anything else.

I’m content with where I am in my life. I’m happy to know I’ve got many blessings and I’m doing great things. Why should I waste it on anything else that doesn’t give me happiness or fulfillment? It’s time to move on from negativity, disappointments, and wrongdoers. It’s time for all of us to be happy.

And right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.


Everyone Needs A Teacher

My professor made a valid point today in regards to teaching. In Europe, its regarded as one of the most noble professions one can have, but in this country it means so little. Yet, teachers make such a tremendous impact in today’s society. And while only some people may need doctors, lawyers, and engineers in their lifetime, teachers are almost always needed everywhere.

I was sitting in class for my English Composition for Teachers and here comes this bubbly blonde lady with a slight German accent. She was lively and bubbly for everything and anything she talked about. She made me feel inspired just by sitting in her class and reciting quotes about how teachers are remarkable people who are driven by passion. She talked about the class syllabus and how we need to learn about important grammar concepts. She always had a huge smile on her face and her spirit literally filled up the room. She also mentioned how we’ll be writing and presenting our own lesson plans in grammar! (My eyes lit up with excitement)

Not to mention I have some of my favorite people from my major in this class to share and collaborate on projects! This class just felt right with me and I haven’t felt more excited about a class then I did now. The professor also mentioned how creative a teacher must be in their work and process. This inspired me even more. I get to involve Pinterest in everything I do now in this semester! I can’t wait to embark in this class further. Not only will I be teaching, but I will also be creating worthwhile memories with my other friends/ classmates.

I may be broke and out of my mind for the rest of my career, but at least I’ll always be smiling. Not many people can say that in their lifetime. They may make thousands of dollars in whatever job they may have behind a computer, a piece of machinery, or even behind their elite status, but they can’t change young minds like I can and that’s a gift. I get to change the future minds of children so they can grow to be the best versions of themselves. I want them to be passionate, loving, and embracing life with every fiber of their being. I’m living the dream right now and I’m not slowing down.

A Teacher is a Servant

I just started my first day of my 3rd year in my university today and all I can say that it was amazing. I’m here furthering my education to help other young minds further theirs. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing one day I can help young students reach their full potential and achieve the impossible. To me, that’s the greatest form of servitude that I can ever give besides giving myself to God.

I may not make a lot of money in the future or even have the elite status of other professions, but I’m here making a difference. This profession may not be as glamorous or even make a potential date impressed but this is a part of who I am. I love helping children learn and develop into the best versions they can be. I volunteer at multiple children organizations within my church and other school districts. Some say its just to network and build that resume, but I do it for more than that. I do it for the students and to make them smile everyday.  I love teaching them different subjects and seeing them improve through hard work and dedication. They all have the potential to be remarkable adults one day. I just believe it only takes one person to make that an inspiration for them.

In my classes this semester, I’ll be learning how to properly establish myself as a teacher among different students from disabilities to high achievers. Yet, to me, they are all the same and unique all at once. A disability nor their test scores determine the person they are or the potential success they can achieve. I believe through my time serving these children, I can make a huge difference in how they perceive themselves. I want them to know that they are loved and cared for. I want them to know they have someone that believes in them even if their home situation or background isn’t the best. I’m not going into this profession to make big bucks, I’m going into it for my big heart. I have a big enough heart that wants to share and give time towards children. I want nothing but the best for them and I strive to be the best teacher I can be.

I may not be the most beautiful, intelligent, or even the best woman in the world, but if I can make just one child feel like they can conquer the world then I did my part. Maybe not everyone will see that or even see the beauty of what I’m doing. They might admire it but they won’t appreciate it and that’s okay. I’m not looking for validation or praise for what I’m doing. If my potential partner or people in my life can’t see it, then its their loss. Sure, there’s better women out there but I pride myself in what I’m doing. I’m not doing it for myself at all and that’s a refreshing concept to drink down with a glass of water. They might drive me crazy, but these students make my life better. They make me stay humble, resourceful, and compassionate.  It’s seriously the most rewarding thing I can ever do in my life and I hope it means something to the one I spend my life with and the people around me.

I love that I can give myself up to the students who brighten my day and make my life so wonderful. I will keep doing that even if I’m tired or cranky. I don’t care if the school I teach is in a bad area because I still get to do something amazing. Might not be the most exciting, but its worthwhile to me. Hopefully, someday, someone can see that too.

Midnight Falls

Midnight seeps
into the darkness of the sky
bleeding indigo
and beating with a pulse
vibrating through
August heat.

She collects herself
in the stars above
the wide heavens
in a single coin jar
hidden in the back
of her red Chevrolet.

Her pockets are vacant
unlike the night kaleidoscope
of rainbow colors
inking the sky in
a world of gray backgrounds
and black bodies
fumbling through the streets
with half-opened jars
and penniless pockets.

She only has a dime
to spare on a man
with not even a penny
to cast in the wishing well.

Midnight falls drown
like unexpected rain
pounding on her red Chevrolet
and running out of gas
in the middle
of an abandoned road.
She drives at a standstill
with only a dime
in her pocket
to spend on a man
with no time
or even a heart.


As the moon rises
through the indigo sky
and the blazing stars align
to collect her thoughts
in half-wishes
and never-dreams
She dips her body
in crystal falls
to float along
her darkened stream.

She covers herself
in emerald moss
and murky waters
to distract her thoughts
with the sound of trout
moving their fins
in and out
in and out
until she sinks deep
into her dark thoughts
whispering of her past
moving with the last
words he ever spoke.

Words set in stone
far underneath the stream
of half-wishes and never-dreams
Her body turns emerald
with the moss over the length
of her height and wide eyes
staring into the indigo sky
to observe the moon rise
with the blazing stars
to outline his face.

No, let her thoughts stream
in half-wishes and never-dreams.

The Eclipse

One more kiss upon your lips,
to seal the sun and moon in an eclipse,
of eternal rays of dark light,
gathered in the meeting of our eyes tonight.

Remember me as the moon,
about to begin the swoon,
and dip into the waters of the tide,
crashing into the dark light.

I reflect your lonesome light,
mirroring my many faces and about to collide,
the waters in the pull of your gravity,
and leaving a hollow cavity
on my atmosphere.

You as the sun, burning and turning
my body into your rotation,
bellowing my heart in motion,
only to collide without devotion.

Answer to my emotion
and the sounds of the blue ocean,
crashing my waves upon the shore.
Love me as a fire,
enfold me in your flames to aspire,
the love about to expire.

You burn my atmosphere,
you leave a smear,
upon every fiery ray,
refusing me to stay.

I collide in your eclipse,
as the moon in swoon,
taking in your shape
as the only way to escape,
your dark light
that only comes
with the meeting of our eyes.

Mercy On Me (Song) *inspired by Amazing Grace

Jeee-sus, do you hear my call-ing?
I feel like I’m free fall-ing
from your ho-ly hands!
I’m not strong enough to stand.
My feet are tired and worn
my heart’s already torn
but I’m about to be reborn
in your perfect presence!
Have Mer-cy, Mer-cy, Mer-cy on me!
I’m bowin on my knees
Prayin for a release
Give me what I need
I want to be freed
from the chains that bind my soul
from the world I can’t control
my heart’s carryin a heavy toll
I just need some grace!
(music break)

Feelin like a wasted space
Unable to erase
all of my mistakes
from the past
that did last
my heart to hate
but I hope its not too late
can’t stand here and wait
When the time comes
I’ll be callin’ your name!


I won’t be a fool this time
won’t let my heart go cold
I will fight the winter frost
No matter the cost!
Will be gentle as the breeze
will find a way to release
all my pain held inside
and your spirt that I denied
Jesus, please be be my guide
Have mercy, mercy, mercy on me

There’s a Woogy Under My Bed!

Okay so like I’m thinking of my next children’s book idea and here I think of a Wookiee! (aka Chewbacca) Not sure how he came into my mind but I was wondering how it would be crazy if a child found a similar character but called a Woogy hiding underneath their bed. This Woogy would have the persona of a legendary “Boogie” monster but changed to fit into a more sensible and cuddly character. I know its such a random idea but I think it would be such a great idea to explore different topics with kids in a funny way.

This “Woogy” would be furry, sloth-like, and shaggy. However, he would be an obsessed clean freak and want to help clean up the child’s room. The child would be upset about the neatness of the monster and how this woogy is always stealing their cookies! The mother would praise the young child for  cleaning their room, but it was really the “woogy” monster tidying up the room. The child would blame the Woogie for keeping their room tidy, despite the child’s attempt in wanting to keep it messy. I know its a far fetched idea but it seems so cute!

I’m going to play with the idea more but so far its turning out to be a great plot. I think I would want the premise of the story to focus on to not judge by appearances. Although the woogy looks “spooky”, it’s actually a very nice and sensible creature. It’s like a guardian for the child as it sleeps at night and helps it do normal day-to-day tasks. There will also be a little bit of humor tied into the story as the “Woogy” monster is invisible to adults and can only be seen by children. So the whole premise of it cleaning up the child’s room would leave the mother and father baffled and questioning the child’s motives.

So guys, don’t let the woogy monster live underneath your bed!