Aye, Sabrina! (Song)

Sabrina, why are you at the cantina,
Takin’ shots of Tequila?
Tryin’ to forget him tonight’
‘But you keep losin’ the fight.’

You say just one last time,
To get him off your mind,
You still remember with each sip
Your whole world began to tip,
Over with each shot of Tequila
Drunkin down from the cantina.
(Aye, Aye, Sabrina!)

He doesn’t love you
You think his lips taste
Like a margarita,
Salt an’ sweet
but still incomplete
Drink more shots to forget
Take each moment in regret
Leave him in your memory
But you still think its destiny!
(Aye, Aye, Sabrina!)
When will you learn,
That he will never turn
Into the man you deserve
He’s tryin’ to forget you tonight
But you keep on losin’ the fight.


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