Calavera (Sugar Skull)

Craft me with
your sun-kissed hands
molding my face
into your own canvas
of crimson cultura,
black vida,
and scarlet sangre.

Carve my cheek bones
to elevate my eyes
staring into the stars
and elevating the stairs
leading into heaven
celebrating black vida
within the tomb stone
of my ancestors.

Aztec roots lead
my soul into the afterlife
of crimson cultura
dripping in scarlet sangre
and painting my heart
in aesthetic art
for my creator.

Ruby roses decorate
every inch of my face
as a memorial
and a sacrificial
thorn for exotic
love trapped
within its woven

Taste my dulce
bones symbolizing
your familia
and anatomical shape
in raw
and human form.

No need for skin
to stir your spirit
or features of the face
to distract your eyes
from my own.

Carve me
with your sun-kissed hands
and remember,
Soy tu calavera
mi amor.


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