Fiery shades of gold
shadow her face
to enfold
her petals in
a circle embrace.

The sun’s rays
beam in light
from the morning
turn of her side
orbit of the sun
rising and descending
the moon in its gravity.

She is the sunflower
weaving amber
locks of petals
in a circle of orbit
to surround herself
in a web of isolated
planets and distant stars.

She turns to the course
of the rising sun
breaming its beams
toward the sky above
her in an orange splash
of colored clouds
and purple mountains
in the coming horizon.

She speaks but does not
permit her lover to pick
her petals falling
through the shooting
stars of the night sky
to darken her face
from the setting sun.

She is her own light
and her own flower
growing through the stem
of the Garden of Eden
and settling her roots
underneath the heart-stone
path ascending toward the sky.

She is her own Genesis.
She is the sunflower.


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