Be a Crazy Dreamer

I took a leap of faith today and did something crazy. I brought a huge telescope to the beach to watch “shooting stars.” At first it seemed like a great idea to view nature’s spectacle through a tiny peephole and see in detail those weird balls of debris blasting through the sky with no sense of direction, but there was something missing.

All I could see were dark clouds covering and expanding the horizon above me and drowning the sky in a blanket of nothingness. There was no visibility and here I am with a huge telescope with nothing to do. It seemed like my great dream of viewing “shooting stars” was a huge failure. Yet, this experience taught me to see life with a clearer perception.

Sure I couldn’t see nature’s rare spectacle of meteors or magically conjure the clouds to dissolve in thin air, but I did have my friends by my side. All three of us made a fool of ourselves and dragged the telescope in a box through the Huntington beach crowds. Many people laughed at us, gave us intense stares, and even questioned our motives. They wondered who would be crazy enough to drag a huge box for a moment of shooting stars?  I suppose we’re just that kind of crazy.

In that moment of crazy, I learned that not everyone is motivated enough to go out of their comfort zone and literally think outside the box. They were too focused on what was inside the box, instead of seeing the bigger picture. We weren’t just dragging a box filled with telescope parts and bubble wrap for nothing! There was a clear purpose behind our insanity. Obviously, not many people would understand or appreciate the effort in carrying a big dream on their shoulders down a few blocks of hipster bar crowds and heavy traffic. So I didn’t let their enthusiasm for my reason in doing things get to me. I had a goal to achieve even if it meant I had to deal with mockery and carrying an extra 15 pounds of weight on my shoulders. I had bigger things in mind.

And you would think after reaching my destination and finding a spot on the shore to view the stars, that I would be disappointed at the outcome of clouded skies. However, I am far from feeling disappointed or even embarrassed for doing something that not many people would even dare to do. Here, with my telescope and two friends, I accomplished a crazy endeavor in order to achieve one of my dreams. My friends and I built a magnificent telescope in total darkness by the ocean and overcame people’s opinions. We focused on what we wanted to achieve and didn’t pay any attention to other people. Because in the end, they are only people with nothing better to do with their time. Seriously, they can just enjoy bar hopping and wasting their time on stale beer, while I go seek more adventures. I learned to not mind people who don’t understand  dreams or find it “crazy.”

I found that the best people who succeed are crazy dreamers. They think outside of the box and do anything in their power to achieve the impossible. They ignore other people’s opinions and mockery in order to focus on their dreams. If we keep letting people and obstacles get in the way of our dreams, then we are the only ones losing in the end.

So be a crazy dreamer. Carry that 15 pound telescope on your shoulders and embarrass yourself among the crowds of people with nothing better to do. Do something crazy and experience the “clouded” sky above you. Don’t be disappointed, there’s always something to be proud of.


~ Britany Elayne.










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