Shooting Stars

Clouded skies expand
the night in shades of
black and indigo
and the moon hangs
like a fish with a hook
trapped in its punctured lip.

It sways and swindles
the showering stars
from its given light
breaching through
the clouded skies
but leaves no trace
of magical spells
or chasing dreams
hidden in his eyes.

He lays down
in the sea of starfish
with its arms wide
and abundant in
a multitude of colors
but he takes no notice
of her energy coming
like a tidal wave on shore.

She is the reflection
of the hanging moon
wandering the clouded skies
above his sea of starfish
and desiring a leap
towards the sea
to reach his dreams
with the pull of her gravity.

Alas, he will never see
her face reflected back to him.
She is only a starfish
opening her arms wide
and dreaming
of shooting stars.



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