Yes, I’m a Writer

Here I am writing to all the readers out there who have the time to click on this article and find some enlightenment. Here I am in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and hoping one day I’ll finish that book that I’m still writing at this very moment. Yes, I’m just that kind of writer who writes to write. How splendid that is to write for no one but yourself and the only audience be your sassy rabbit who loves to chew your carpet for the sake of attention. Man, I wish I can do that. Just rip out carpet with my buck teeth so I can gain more followers, or even yet readers. Oh well, I continue to write this with no sense of direction.

Some say that writing is like a muscle that you need to build on every day. Some say writing is just a passion that forms from the mind and somehow finds its way to your quill. (Did I mention I own a quill) Either way, writing is so much more than just a pastime of mine. Writing feels more like a drug than anything else. Once I get an idea or an inspiration, I grab a paper and a pen to scribble a bunch of nonsense, hoping the words would string well enough together to form a concrete poem, song, or even a blog post. If something comes together nicely, I publish it whenever and wherever I can.  Of course, I don’t do it for attention. I do it for my own validation.

I want to feel like I’m a writer. Better yet, I want to be a writer. I want to diverge myself in words and form something beautiful out it. I don’t have to be talented. I just want to have the passion to do it because that was always my goal since I was a child. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be some sort of writer. I knew I wasn’t going to be as great as Edgar Allen Poe or Pablo Neruda, but I had an aspiration to publish something when I became an adult. So here I am, creating this blog post and trying to make that dream come true.

I’m not sure if anyone is reading far enough to understand what I’m writing about but I appreciate you reading this far. I appreciate the effort in you taking the time to read my articles, poems, and song lyrics. You people give me the motivation to keep writing even if its about nothing at all. Although I couldn’t create a masterpiece tonight, at least I could say that I wrote about writing and that says a lot. So thank you for reading this and yes, I am a writer.



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