There’s a Woogy Under My Bed!

Okay so like I’m thinking of my next children’s book idea and here I think of a Wookiee! (aka Chewbacca) Not sure how he came into my mind but I was wondering how it would be crazy if a child found a similar character but called a Woogy hiding underneath their bed. This Woogy would have the persona of a legendary “Boogie” monster but changed to fit into a more sensible and cuddly character. I know its such a random idea but I think it would be such a great idea to explore different topics with kids in a funny way.

This “Woogy” would be furry, sloth-like, and shaggy. However, he would be an obsessed clean freak and want to help clean up the child’s room. The child would be upset about the neatness of the monster and how this woogy is always stealing their cookies! The mother would praise the young child for  cleaning their room, but it was really the “woogy” monster tidying up the room. The child would blame the Woogie for keeping their room tidy, despite the child’s attempt in wanting to keep it messy. I know its a far fetched idea but it seems so cute!

I’m going to play with the idea more but so far its turning out to be a great plot. I think I would want the premise of the story to focus on to not judge by appearances. Although the woogy looks “spooky”, it’s actually a very nice and sensible creature. It’s like a guardian for the child as it sleeps at night and helps it do normal day-to-day tasks. There will also be a little bit of humor tied into the story as the “Woogy” monster is invisible to adults and can only be seen by children. So the whole premise of it cleaning up the child’s room would leave the mother and father baffled and questioning the child’s motives.

So guys, don’t let the woogy monster live underneath your bed!


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