Mercy On Me (Song) *inspired by Amazing Grace

Jeee-sus, do you hear my call-ing?
I feel like I’m free fall-ing
from your ho-ly hands!
I’m not strong enough to stand.
My feet are tired and worn
my heart’s already torn
but I’m about to be reborn
in your perfect presence!
Have Mer-cy, Mer-cy, Mer-cy on me!
I’m bowin on my knees
Prayin for a release
Give me what I need
I want to be freed
from the chains that bind my soul
from the world I can’t control
my heart’s carryin a heavy toll
I just need some grace!
(music break)

Feelin like a wasted space
Unable to erase
all of my mistakes
from the past
that did last
my heart to hate
but I hope its not too late
can’t stand here and wait
When the time comes
I’ll be callin’ your name!


I won’t be a fool this time
won’t let my heart go cold
I will fight the winter frost
No matter the cost!
Will be gentle as the breeze
will find a way to release
all my pain held inside
and your spirt that I denied
Jesus, please be be my guide
Have mercy, mercy, mercy on me


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