The Eclipse

One more kiss upon your lips,
to seal the sun and moon in an eclipse,
of eternal rays of dark light,
gathered in the meeting of our eyes tonight.

Remember me as the moon,
about to begin the swoon,
and dip into the waters of the tide,
crashing into the dark light.

I reflect your lonesome light,
mirroring my many faces and about to collide,
the waters in the pull of your gravity,
and leaving a hollow cavity
on my atmosphere.

You as the sun, burning and turning
my body into your rotation,
bellowing my heart in motion,
only to collide without devotion.

Answer to my emotion
and the sounds of the blue ocean,
crashing my waves upon the shore.
Love me as a fire,
enfold me in your flames to aspire,
the love about to expire.

You burn my atmosphere,
you leave a smear,
upon every fiery ray,
refusing me to stay.

I collide in your eclipse,
as the moon in swoon,
taking in your shape
as the only way to escape,
your dark light
that only comes
with the meeting of our eyes.


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