As the moon rises
through the indigo sky
and the blazing stars align
to collect her thoughts
in half-wishes
and never-dreams
She dips her body
in crystal falls
to float along
her darkened stream.

She covers herself
in emerald moss
and murky waters
to distract her thoughts
with the sound of trout
moving their fins
in and out
in and out
until she sinks deep
into her dark thoughts
whispering of her past
moving with the last
words he ever spoke.

Words set in stone
far underneath the stream
of half-wishes and never-dreams
Her body turns emerald
with the moss over the length
of her height and wide eyes
staring into the indigo sky
to observe the moon rise
with the blazing stars
to outline his face.

No, let her thoughts stream
in half-wishes and never-dreams.


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