Midnight Falls

Midnight seeps
into the darkness of the sky
bleeding indigo
and beating with a pulse
vibrating through
August heat.

She collects herself
in the stars above
the wide heavens
in a single coin jar
hidden in the back
of her red Chevrolet.

Her pockets are vacant
unlike the night kaleidoscope
of rainbow colors
inking the sky in
a world of gray backgrounds
and black bodies
fumbling through the streets
with half-opened jars
and penniless pockets.

She only has a dime
to spare on a man
with not even a penny
to cast in the wishing well.

Midnight falls drown
like unexpected rain
pounding on her red Chevrolet
and running out of gas
in the middle
of an abandoned road.
She drives at a standstill
with only a dime
in her pocket
to spend on a man
with no time
or even a heart.


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