Everyone Needs A Teacher

My professor made a valid point today in regards to teaching. In Europe, its regarded as one of the most noble professions one can have, but in this country it means so little. Yet, teachers make such a tremendous impact in today’s society. And while only some people may need doctors, lawyers, and engineers in their lifetime, teachers are almost always needed everywhere.

I was sitting in class for my English Composition for Teachers and here comes this bubbly blonde lady with a slight German accent. She was lively and bubbly for everything and anything she talked about. She made me feel inspired just by sitting in her class and reciting quotes about how teachers are remarkable people who are driven by passion. She talked about the class syllabus and how we need to learn about important grammar concepts. She always had a huge smile on her face and her spirit literally filled up the room. She also mentioned how we’ll be writing and presenting our own lesson plans in grammar! (My eyes lit up with excitement)

Not to mention I have some of my favorite people from my major in this class to share and collaborate on projects! This class just felt right with me and I haven’t felt more excited about a class then I did now. The professor also mentioned how creative a teacher must be in their work and process. This inspired me even more. I get to involve Pinterest in everything I do now in this semester! I can’t wait to embark in this class further. Not only will I be teaching, but I will also be creating worthwhile memories with my other friends/ classmates.

I may be broke and out of my mind for the rest of my career, but at least I’ll always be smiling. Not many people can say that in their lifetime. They may make thousands of dollars in whatever job they may have behind a computer, a piece of machinery, or even behind their elite status, but they can’t change young minds like I can and that’s a gift. I get to change the future minds of children so they can grow to be the best versions of themselves. I want them to be passionate, loving, and embracing life with every fiber of their being. I’m living the dream right now and I’m not slowing down.


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