Valued or Liked?

We often forget the value of the people we surround ourselves with and the places we visit. We grow accustomed to merely liking instead of valuing what’s in front of us. What’s the difference? Well, being valued means a hell of a lot more than just being liked.

I can admire someone’s dedication in doing great things. I can like their ambition, strength, and determination in getting things done and creating something beautiful, but it doesn’t mean I value it. I don’t have to value the things and the people that I just “like” because it doesn’t affect me personally. Their work or ambitions aren’t going to land me my dream job or benefit me in anyway. So why should me or anyone else care about merely liking something? Where’s the value in what we like or even don’t like? I guess we’ll never know.

I suppose when I’m taking about valuing something in life, I mean valuing it for what it is and isn’t. For not putting unrealistic expectations and putting that person or thing on a pedestal to merely admire. If I value something or someone, I make the time to diverge into all their faults and perfections. I just can’t stand just merely liking something or someone without being a little realistic about it. Although I tend to put things and people that I like on some sort of pedestal, I have to remind myself that there’s a difference between liking and valuing them. I have to remember that being valued and treating life as valuable takes time and effort. There needs to be more than a feeling of admiration. There needs to be action and progress towards the end goal of liking, which is loving.

I love the things and people that I value. I don’t just admire them for what they do or for who they are, however, I love them for what they aren’t. There’s no pedestal to put on what I value in the end because I choose to sacrifice what I like for what I don’t like. I’m honest in the sense that I also have flaws and traits that are undesirable, but those who value me, see my potential to be the best version of myself. And in response, I give the people and things of value the same consideration.

In essence, I don’t have to be liked to be valuable. Just like I don’t have to like that person who cut me off this morning when I was on my way to school. However, they are still valuable to someone or something out there. I can say they are valuable because they are still a person who deserves to be valued and appreciated in some way. I just don’t know that yet and probably never will. Their action still doesn’t undermine their value.

As I’m writing this blog post in my university library, waiting for my 2’oclock class to start, I will always remember the difference between being liked and valued. Like is just not enough to inspire me, I need to be valued. And value is something you can never truly replace. So, I value you for the person you are. And its okay, you don’t have to like me back.



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