Call me a ‘Dreamer’

I don’t know what to say to my father who crossed the boarder at 15 years old or what to tell myself every time I look in the mirror. Am I too brown to be here?! But, I am half white, aren’t I? Maybe that’s the only grace I have besides being an American. Heck, might as well be called a Dreamer if anything else.

I would rather be called a Dreamer than an American with no dreams. I would rather be that immigrant who came here as a child and was fooled to think they were an American, only to find out that they were illegal. I would rather be fooled into that perception than be sitting here with all my privileges and getting an education that many would kill to have at this moment in time. I would rather give it up than to live a lie thinking these people don’t deserve an education or even a life here. Seriously who thought it was beneficial in any way to hurt thousands of Dreamers by getting rid of a program that was meant to give those who had no choice in the matter, a chance to be an American?! But of course, its all about the money.

We got to stop our spending they say. They’re ruining our jobs, security, and our economy. They are ruining our very existence. Yeah whatever, without them here, who would clean your houses, hotel rooms, and serve you food?! They take the jobs that you don’t want so most of you can run those businesses, get that college degree, and live the life meant for “higher professions.” Stop having that entitled mind and look into the mind of an immigrant, better yet, a mind of an American.

Americans are meant to dream big. We are meant to welcome immigrants in our ideology and give chances to those who never truly had a chance before. However, our actions never match up to what we ‘believe’ in. We blame all our problems on other people and take our business in other worldly affairs, without considering how it affects other people. All of us are too self absorbed to think outside of our purple mountains and shining seas to truly see what’s happening. LOOK at what’s happening. It’s devastating and is hurting those who really are trying to become productive citizens in this country. But no matter what, they will never be American enough.

Just remember the next time you decide to complain about immigrants in this sense. For those of you who know me, I come from a illegal immigrant and an American. Without my father crossing the boarder, I wouldn’t be here. Same to my mother who is an American. Both of them contribute to my existence, just as both contribute to our economy and nation. I’m proud to be an American, but I’m not proud of what its deciding on its own without consideration or a “back-up” plan for those in distress.

Don’t make millions of other Americans look at our skin color in shame. Don’t make it about more money and profits. Make it about people and their contribution to our society. The stigma is real and I feel it every time I look in the mirror. Am I white or brown? If color doesn’t matter then neither should Dreamers who hope for a better future and dream to be Americans. Political or not, this is a people issue.


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