Afraid of No Ghost

So what if you’re afraid of speaking up or that you have those jitters when you wake up from your nightmares? So what if my personality or even my face gives you the spooks? Does it matter to me? Nah, I’m not afraid of any ghost. Spook me all you want but you can’t scare me.

I’m not afraid of the no-text backers, the snobby-nosed freaks, or the two-faced witches. You don’t really frighten me all that much. Actually, you just make me laugh. I like to laugh even when I’m scared so I guess it matches perfectly. I laugh and smile at all the scariest things out there. Even when I’m afraid of pulling that white sheet off my face, I still do it. I might be embarrassed like crazy in doing so, but I keep on doing it. If it makes you laugh or grin in the process, that’s okay. At least I can say that I had the courage to do things that you were too afraid to do and that already makes me better than you.

I’m better not in the high-horsed kind of way, but the I don’t mind being myself kind of way. I’m okay with who I am and what I’m doing even if not everyone agrees with it. For example, I’m writing this blog for no reason at all. Heck, this came out of a spontaneous moment of creativity and poof, here I am! Can you people do the same?

If you aren’t afraid of those ghosts haunting you, then I applaud you. I applaud your courage and determination in doing great things. Nothing in this life should be feared even if the adrenaline is pounding all throughout your body and your palms are beyond sweaty. Just do it! You only have one life to live, so live it productively!

Don’t mind those scary exes, toxic people, or even yourself. Conquer whatever fear that is preventing you from doing amazing things in your life! If someone does “ghost” you, give it a laugh and know they missed out on an incredible bad-ass! (Excuse the language, please) But seriously, they missed out on one hell of a person that would make them laugh and live life to the fullest. You had that courage to go out there and do the impossible. You approached that person, you took up that hobby, and you followed your dreams. So many people go through life like they are ghosts. They haunt other people’s lives expecting some kind of host to bring them back to life. Yet, they just keep on wandering with no sense of direction or purpose. They’re stuck in purgatory and won’t get out until they realize who they are.

Sometimes, we allow ghosts to even haunt us. They can be things, people, or even mistakes. We wallow in these “ghosts” and let them haunt the living day lights out of us. What a shame it is! It’s best to let things go and move on to heaven. Go towards the light, so to speak. We always hear the good old “let it go” slogan everywhere when we have problems but there’s some truth in it. We need to let things go so we can be happy and fearless. If we keep letting these ghosts haunt us, we’ll never move on.

I don’t know about you but I would rather not be a ghost or have ghosts haunt me. I want to laugh to the point I pee my pants and just go with the flow of life. Of course, there needs to be a sense of direction, but I’m saying I’m not going to get distracted by the ghosts of the world. Let them “ghost” me all they want, they don’t really scare me because you and I are hella awesome!


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