Don’t be an Energizer Bunny!

I had an anxiety attack at work the other day. The surging amount of caffeine and sugar pumping through my body didn’t help too much either. It was my own fault, I didn’t get enough sleep and tried to substitute self-care to be the next energizer bunny! I got to learn to slow down and breathe more often.

I’ve had issues in the past where I overworked myself to the point of exhaustion and extreme worry. I’m a perfectionist, I tell you! I want to challenge myself and make sure everything looks amazing. I want that honor roll award, I want that title on my resume, and hell, I even want to become the next selling author. So much ambitions and desires run through my crazy mind that I don’t always know how to slow down or even take my own advice. I mean its great I have all these aspirations and everything, but not to the point where I’m sacrificing my health for everything else.

I do have a lot on my plate. I’m a college student, working a job, trying to train for the 5K (Well, trying anyway), and volunteering my time as a teacher. It’s no wonder I always feel worried and stressed all the time. I need to learn to take it easy. Instead of grabbing that coffee, I need to grab some tea and calm my ass down. Or heck, maybe running more often will let out some steam. So, I’ll go back to that.

I’m working on trying to stop every now and then. It’s funny how our bodies tells us to make sure we’re not overdoing it. It’s great to keep going and have all this energy to do all these great things but everyone needs a break. I need a break and a stress reliever! I listen to crazy songs and write silly children’s stories to remind self to smile every now and then. I try to find the silly things out of life to distract my own anxiety. Dang, anxiety is an ugly thing, I tell you.

Anxiety makes you feel worried all the time. Like, life is too much to handle and you tremble in fear thinking that it won’t end. It’s a liar and a downright thief. It likes to steal your joy and happiness. It’s sick and tiring and I’m done with feeling sick and tired all the time. It’s time to make some serious life changes and that starts with me.

Repeat after me: “Anxiety I’m going to kick your ass. You’re not going to win. I’m hella awesome but even this bunny needs a break. Some things can wait till tomorrow and take it a day at a time. Good things come to those wait. And you know what, I’ll overcome this.”

You guys got this. We all need reminders sometimes and so what if you have a breakdown every once in a while. You’re only human after all! Take it easy, laugh it off, and get back up again. Continue fighting but also sit your ass down every once in awhile, haha! Be silly and quirky! No one has enough time in the world to be worrying over every little thing.

And here’s another pun, TRICKS ONLY FOR KIDS. So grow up and slow down or you will have to take a chill pill, doc! Because in the end, what’s up, doc?


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