Pet rocks are no fools! (Rock lesson recap part one)

Minerals, guys! Minerals are everywhere and anywhere found in the ground and in your food intake. They are also the building blocks of rocks! Can you believe that?! Imagine your pet rock holding all these tiny specks of minerals with the capacity to hold fossils, turn back time, and basically, save our lives. YOUR PET ROCK IS NO FOOL.

Okay here we go, let’s study the interactions of rocks and minerals. Let’s get really intimate here, actually, let’s all BOND about how minerals form into rocks and what they mean in a chemical and geological pinpoint of our world. Psh, let me give you a lesson about your pet rock!

According to Edward Tarbuck and Fedrick Lutgens’ textbook entitled, “Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology”, minerals come into 5 characteristics. (UNDERSTAND NOTHING I LIST HERE IS MEANT TO PALGERIZE).

1.) MINERALS ARE NATURALLY OCCURING. Yep that’s right, your pet rock came from the natural processes of the earth’s crust forming and conforming into what it looks like today. At some point your pet rock could be part of an element that contributed to creation. What now, critics?! Them synthetic materials found in your food and cancer induced beverages, are NOT MINERALS. MINERALS ARE NATURAL LIKE MY SENSE OF HUMOR.

2.) MINERALS ARE GENERALLY INORGANIC. No, you can’t buy them minerals in the organic section! They are inorganic crystalized creations meant to be stuck in the ground, be organic and like, can be considered a mineral if fossilized in the legendary record of rocks.

3.) MINERALS ARE SOLID SUBSRANCES. Only the best of minerals are SOLID. Things like water is NOT A MINERAL, although, ice is a mineral. How weird is that?! Also, MERCURY IS THE ONLY SUBSTANCE THAT CAN BE CONSIDERED A LIQUID IN THE WORLD OF MINERALS!

4.) MINERALLS ARE CRAZY NIT PICKY ABOUT ORDER. There always has to be a crystalline structure within the atoms or ions of minerals. They have to be in an orderly and repetitive manner. Give me a break, rock!

5.) THEY ALL HAVE SOME KIND OF CHEMISTRY GOING ON. Yeah, that’s right. Those minerals are like Romeo and Juliet but are crazy picky. They only express themselves through their chemical formula and their composition but some minerals vary. So like, results may vary. Meh, anyway just like your dating life, minerals add some variation but within well-defined limits, people!

Dang, that’s crazy isn’t it?! Now, what the heck is a Rock?!
A rock, according to the brilliant authors, is defined as “any solid mass of minerals or mineral-like matter that occurs naturally” in our planet.

But be warned! Your pet rock can have the following traits:
1.) THEY ARE AGGREVATED WITH MINERALS. Those minerals all come together in a way that makes them restrain their individual minerals! Come on, don’t be too hard on your pet rock.
2.) SOME ROCKS ONLY HAVE ONE MINERAL. THEY GET LONLEY TOO. Although minerals can aggravate the heck out of them, it’s important to remember that no rock is alike. ——> LIKE LIMESTONE. SEDIMENTARY ROCK IS AN IMPURE MINERAL CALCITE MASS. IT’S PRETTY CRAZY.

3.) HERE WE GO, DROP THE MIKE: SOME ROCKS ARE MADE OUT OF NONMINERAL MATTER. Like, what?! So rocks are not all made of minerals?! hmmm….Things like obsidon brought from volcanic rocks and coal from “solid organic debris” is not even made straight out of mineral matter. HA!


SOURCE: Tarbuck, Edward J., and Frederick K. Lutgens. “Matter and Minerals.” Earth: an Introduction to Physical Geology, Pearson, 2017, pp. 74–81.


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