Guess I’m too “Swifty” for you! (Oh, those Writers)

Oh, look at what you made me do again?! Sitting here making another blog post where I should be sleeping after a long day of work and school. Meh, I guess I’m more like Taylor Swift than I thought or is it just the instant replay of her music pounding inside my head? Either way, not sure if its a blessing or a curse!

Being a writer means that you write about everything. You write songs, poetry, blog posts, and even make little reminders to post in your car window. I have so much wrapped up paper balls than I know what to do with in a given day. Seriously, its like I’m almost a slave to my work but its freaking awesome.

Just like Taylor Swift who writes crazy songs and poems, I realize we’re pretty similar. We write about the crap that happens in our lives. Whether its about those exes, haters, or even just about life in general. We just love to create and be different. We always reinvent ourselves to evolve and grow as people without the strain of another person telling us how to think or act. We are individualists, dramatic, fun, and downright corny. But we’re pretty dangerous, too!

You better be careful with writers. We are people who stem from a talented string of words and have the skills needed to either love or destroy you in their work. We nitpick words ready to use for a witty phrase or comeback, only to have you stunned in your responses. We’re pretty crazy, okay.

If you love a writer, you will find us picking all the best qualities about you and redirecting them into a masterpiece. We’ll embody you for the world to see and publish you in words of concrete stone. Sometimes, its embarrassing, but for the most part, I think its flattering. You have someone who is passionate and wild about you and life in the best way possible. You drive their inspiration and thoughts, you make them grow as people, and you show them a new writing outlet. And we also make awesome lovers and friends!

Oh, Oh, but if you try to hurt a writer, something dangerous happens! We’ll stop writing about how your eyes sparkle underneath the moon, how your smile brings butterflies, or how your sweet words tasted like honey. You will soon see that we will write about the pain that we’re feeling to release stress, then that’s where the fun happens! We get so creative that its downright revengeful! We hide you in our poems, songs, and inner masterpieces to redirect the pain inflicted on us. So basically, your choices became a powerful metaphor to how shitty you treated a writer. Just Brilliant!

Be careful next time you treat writers! We’re just as crazy and some of us worse than Taylor Swift! But I really do admire Taylor for her style, confidence, and grace to be herself. Although her songs may not always be my cup of tea, she sure as hell has talent! I give her props for being herself even if everyone disagrees!

Anyway, I guess I’m just too “swifty” for most people. Oh well, not one of those people really matter to me. They still better be careful, however, a writer isn’t a force to be reckoned with.


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