Shadows of a Serenade

I believe these moments engrave
An eternal space in my heart
For the one whose heart I cannot save.
He ventures forward with a façade
To mask his masquerade
Under the silent shadows of a serenade!

I speak no further to dance,
Could not resist the chance,
To kiss him in a moment’s glance
Under the moonlight’s glare!
The winding world began to stare,
My heart could not bear to bear,
Apart from my lover’s snare!

I dare to dance to settle,
My rose’s perilous petal
Falling with each kiss,
As he fails to dismiss,
My love that I could not confess!

He says, “It is just a peck on your lips.”
Nothing more than an eclipse,
Of the hearts’ blinding love!
Emotions spun in motion,
My heart sprung in rotation,
To the motions of words!

As the starlit sky did lit,
He refuses to admit,
His fear to cordially commit
To his lover trapped in his snare.
“All is fair in love and war,” he states
In his dance to relate
That no lover in love
Can capture his love
Under the silent shadows of a serenade!


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