You are my Sunshine

I remember when I was young, my mom would always sing me the song, “You are my sunshine.” She would always sing that before she would tuck me into bed at night or whenever I was upset about something. She would even sing it for no reason at all to get me to laugh and smile just for fun. She always told me that I was her sunshine because “I always made her smile even when the skies were gray.”

I grew up hearing that song almost every night as a kid. I took comfort in knowing that in even in the darkest of skies, my mom was always there for me. I didn’t truly value the words of the song because I always thought it was a silly tribute from my mom. I thought it was just something she sang to get me to fall asleep or make me laugh for a moment in time but I had no idea that she sang that for joy.

She was joyful of having her children with her by her side. She was joyful for my sister and me. I didn’t realize that she sang the song when she was tired from working two jobs or when she was fed up with our behavior. No, she kept on singing that song to us to remind herself to keep smiling and to make us smile, too.

The song eventually became so contagious in our family that I would start singing that to my sister as a baby. I would cradle her in my arms and just sing, “You are my Sunshine” to her whenever I had the chance. I wanted to see her smile and live a happy life. In that moment, I noticed that smiling and sharing your sunshine is a beautiful experience.

It’s beautiful to be able to share someone else’s joy and see their happiness in their eyes. To see their smile shining through their gray skies and spreading positivity for everyone they encounter. It’s magical, intimate, and sincere. It’s everything I wish to sing to everyone else in my lifetime.

I do still sing the song to young children in my care. I sing to them while I watch the children in the nursery or in one of those blue moons where I get to hold a newborn in my arms. Man, that is seriously one of my favorite moments. Sharing a baby’s smile just fills my whole soul with sunshine. Nothing beats a baby’s smile!

Anyway, learn to sing that song for everyone else in your life. Sing it to your parents, children, and even your pet, rabbit. Did I mention I sing this to my rabbit?! Haha, well learn to smile and share with others because joy is a precious commodity in this world. We must invest, harvest, and distribute it to everyone for the sake of humanity. There’s already too much frowning! So let’s spread some smiles because happiness is a beautiful experience.


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