Front Page Pick: Owl of Who

Who is the Owl of Who?
His dark feathers beat
the carbon monoxide
under her breath
as she sips her black coffee
underneath the half-moon.

Words hang on her keyboard
painting black letters
on an open fire
fueling drunk laughter
and a silent response
from the Owl of Who.

Who is the man
on the boarder of
brown and white faces
floating through the screens
of windows half-open
and half-closed?
He is not a pilot
dashing in his aircraft
beating the air
with words
or women
on the dial.

No, he is an Owl.
A man with wide eyes
glancing into the fire
and pouring gasoline
on his feathers
with black tar
staining his pattern
of sun-flavored stars.
Oxygen fills his lungs
for the flight
of turbulence
only to collide in
his vocal folds.
A loss of voice
and vibration.

A final silence
to hang over
with a sip
of black coffee
and a never-note
from the Owl of Who.

source: https://allpoetry.com/poem/13525713-Owl-of-Who-by-Britelayne



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