Rainbow Dance

Streams of rainbow colors
fall from the rain
descending from
pearl clouds of smoke
moving through
and covering planets
stuck in orbit.

The colors dance
against the lightening
flashing its light
with the strike of
former lovers
stumbling on
blue and black
blots of ink.

Thunder roars
with a laugh
echoing from
the pen leaking
out in words
muttered underneath
the rhythm of familiarity
and raw emotions
of red anger
blue depression
and green jealousy.

The woman carries on
in the rainbow dance
with her dream catcher
and colors streaming
in her auburn eyes
seeking her former lover
in the storm raging
beneath her legs
and a past memory
of a man with blue-cold eyes
staring into atmosphere
and covering planets
in their orbit
from the setting sun.

Stars dangle from her hips
music escapes her lips
and the rainbow dance
fades into the atmosphere
with red anger
blue depression
and green jealousy
polluting her air
and swallowing her words
before her lover leaves
to find another woman.


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