Cherry Blossom (Dedicated to V.)


Fall into
pink petals
red-ripe cherries
bursting scarlet
juice from
the Japanese Garden.

Paper stars line
a pathway to
cherry blossom
trees and a friend
with blushed cheeks
picking cherries
from the branches
of dangling hopes
tied in a knot
of pink petals
falling in mid-air
and dropping
like paper stars
shooting across
the night
and crashing
on paper soil.

Quails flock
into the garden
shedding feathers
and flying into paper
sky blotting
black and blue ink
to form night
and drawing day
out in cherry juice
dripping in heat
and evaporation
from thirst.

Paper-thin stars
leave half-wishes
but a trail of
cherries leave
friends blushed
in quail feathers
shedding new-found
strength in the fall
of pink petals
trees blossoming
friendship like
a cherry blossom.


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