Giving Grace

grace-wins-1140x641Sin creates a strong stigma of doubt in our minds when we reflect on our past mistakes. Most times it comes like a tidal wave ready to consume every aspect of our lives. It creates not only a division within ourselves but with the people around us. We grow accustomed to allowing sin dictate what we say and do. We let it seep in without realizing the prolonged affect it has on our minds and bodies.

Whenever I think of sin, I think of it as a tidal wave. It’s tempting, forceful, and powerful enough to drown you in an ocean of fears. You try to swim through the hurdles of waves, but sometimes you get swept over and drown in the danger zone. People try to remind you of your sins and keep you drowning without any sort of redemption. They expect you to suffocate under the weight of your shortcomings because you’re not human after all.  In the eyes of man, we are stagnate creatures unable to change and progress into  better versions of ourselves.

In the case of Christianity, sin becomes an essential component in our separation from God. We need Jesus to save us from ourselves. I wholeheartedly  believe in Jesus Christ and that He came down to save us from our sins. However, that doesn’t make me righteous. I can be righteous in my good works but that doesn’t save me from my own sins. My sins are still there hidden underneath my so called “righteous” persona.

I know that everyone is a sinner. We are all accustomed to sinning and making mistakes in life. We are also downright hypocrites when it comes to being “righteous”.  Christians are not entitled to being “righteous” or believe they are better because they have more “grace” than nonbelievers. Christians should be choosey in how they label themselves or they might be labeled under the  Pharisee category.  We are given grace because we accepted Jesus as our savior. Jesus is our gateway to redemption and forgiveness but he isn’t the reason that we should label ourselves as righteous. We may be “righteous” in God’s love, but we’re not righteous in any other way.

Remember that even Christians are sinners behind their bibles and cross necklaces. We all have sinned and are still sinning each day. There will always be another sin to repent and be redeemed from. There’s just no straight antidote to cure us from our sin forever. The only one that can offer us some hope is Jesus Christ but He is not to be used as an excuse for an ego-booster. Why do you think Jesus always criticized the Pharisees for their inaction in receiving grace or giving grace to those who need it?

As Christians, we have a heavier weight to carry when it comes to giving grace. We have a responsibility to give grace to those who don’t deserve it. We have to turn the other cheek and move on. It doesn’t mean we have to be defenseless, but it does mean we have to keep our hearts open to forgiveness. We got to shut our sinful mouths and leave the situation.

Yes, grace always wins but it always comes with a price. It cost Jesus his life and God’s love to send his Son down to save us. So be humble and wise in how you approach “righteous” works because works shouldn’t be used to escalate in status or to condemn someone else.


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