Reaping the Harvest


Imagine being a farmer and sowing your fields in attempt to reach a harvest. Oh, but watch out! There can be a storm or a pack of wild rabbits ready to devour your crops before they even grow to their full potential. Does it seem fair for circumstances to reap the fruits of your labor? If so, what’s the point in even trying to plant anything productive? Might as well bury your dreams in a grave yard and walk away.

It’s easy to toss the shovel aside and hope for the ground to weather its own harvest. Actually, its sometimes necessary to stop plowing the fields and to let nature take its course. However, there’s always a limitation to the amount of resting in life you can take before your fields becomes an empty wasteland.

We have responsibilities to fulfill as farmers. We have the responsibility in planting our seeds and growing our lives within each season. Every season will come with storms, a pack of wild rabbits, and a disappointment of failed production. The only solution we do have is to believe that our good works will reap a good harvest.

We have to trust in God when life seems to only wield empty promises. We have to trust in the fact that some blessings come in disguise and others were just not meant to happen in its due season. Of course, there will always be something to reap from the good you sow in your life. The amount of work you put in will probably earn you that college degree, dream job, or even a life partner. Just be prepared that nothing is guaranteed!

The only guarantee you have is the relationship you create with God. He is the sun that enables your crops to grow and prosper into adulthood. He gives the water that rains down from the sky to quench the thirst of the land. He is the ultimate provider but He isn’t the sole laborer. We have to labor our own lands and have enough faith in Him to provide the rest we need.

It’s all about having faith. Faith for the things we don’t understand and faith for the things we cannot change on our own. So, keep doing good even if all you get are dead crops and a pile of dust. Plant on, Farmers!




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