Heavenly (written 5 years ago)

heavenly_visionAngel, Angel, Angel, can you hear my faint whisper?
My worldly words never seem to reach you beyond the heavens.
I can still feel your lingering kiss upon my lips…
And the careful caresses of your holy hands…
There is truthfully emptiness without your perfect presence…
I need you here to ease my sorrowful soul!
So return to me my most angelic angel…
The time spent with you is just so heavenly!
It leaves me eager to further empress;
In this eccentric era that refuses to confess
That this love is losing faith…
But inside my delicate heart, I know there is no regarding regret…
I still believe even through this forgotten fallacy…
That you will one day come back to me!
As I try to live on this eerie earth from the moment you left…
Angel, I feel but I cannot see…
Your lingering kiss upon my lips…
And the careful caresses of your holy hands…
Despite my blindness, I am aware of your perfect presence
That is eternally, heavenly.

~Britany Elayne


Crazy to think that I wrote this almost five years ago for my first boyfriend in high school. It was supposed to be one of those sappy love poems that one would write as a teenager with no realistic expectations or responsibilities. Something I came up with for a first anniversary gift but it was one of the poems that helped to get started in writing. Of course, my boyfriend at the time loved it. He used to write me poems, too. We just used to be one of those sappy couples who wrote poetry in their first year of dating. It was a good first relationship to start off with and I’m grateful for the opportunity to dabble in writing because of him. Although this is a teenager poem, it’s still one of the poems I’m most proud of. My friends loved this poem and even made me autograph a copy in hopes that it might make some money one day when I become an author. (We’ll see, haha) In all seriousness, I really do love this poem as well. It came from a place of innocence and faith. Innocence in the sense that I had no idea what love was and faith in hoping that the receiver was the one for me. Even though we didn’t work out, it reminds me of the good times I had with that person. He inspired me to write sappy poetry to the point where I was able to venture to different avenues of writing. I posted this because it’s takes me back to when I was first starting off as a poet. I would write for my school newspaper and publish my poetry in hopes that I could build an audience. Not sure if anyone really took the time to read it or just turned every newspaper issue into a paper airplane! Whatever, high schoolers are immature anyway, haha! I hope whoever is reading this, enjoys it. It means a lot more when your work becomes sentimental for someone else and I hope all of you can experience that kind of love in real life, too. Not sure if I ever will but I’m pretty content with my pet rabbit. Boys come and go but rabbits are there for life. Actually, that’s a great idea! So, yeah this is dedicated to my rabbit yawl!


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