Her Pearl (A Poem for Grandma)


She smiles with
pearl-white teeth
and an oyster of
secrets beneath
her heated breath
exhaling from her
lungs and swallowing
salt water with
each dive into
night tide sea.

She harbors
her shell from
the crashing waves
above her auburn hair
and sea-green eyes
wandering through
black and white photographs
and expecting affection
in between her youth
and a pile of
yellow-crinkled letters
from sixty years ago.

She was young
with pearl-white
skin and curly
brown waves of hair
dangling from her
shoulders to
her mid-waist.
She was perfection
in black and white
vintage dresses
and roller skates
but she was only
a photograph
of youth.

She became a pearl
underneath the shell
of her memories
hidden in old photographs
and her children.
Precious to
sea-green eyes
wandering in
past and
reaching for
the future
with an open


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