Love Yourself First


I know its hard and tiring to wake up alone with your text is on read. I know how frustrating it is to expect something but receive nothing in return. You’ve been in relationship after relationship, went on date after date, and hoped for a spark to return in your dull eyes. Of course, maybe its just the hurt you’ve experienced before in the past by someone who didn’t treat you right. You don’t know how to be alone so you settle with anything that catches your eye. A smile, laugh, and maybe something as petty as an emoji in a text message. You’re human after all. But you’re looking for a missing link that you can only find within yourself first. Love comes when you love yourself enough to accept the person that you are.

No, this doesn’t give you the green light to turn into a narcissist. Still, you have to take some consideration for your own well-being and strength. You have to learn that letting go is healthy and change is unavoidable. People come and go like the wind. You can’t waste time blowing dandelion seeds, wishing for things to stay the same because you can’t live in the past.

I’m here telling you to LOVE yourself first. Don’t love the guy who never texts back, don’t love that ex who didn’t treat you right, and don’t try to please other people to gain affection. You’re worth more that. You’re worth so much more than what these people are offering for love. That isn’t love or “interest.” That’s just downright cruel.

It’s cruel because you’re wasting energy on people who don’t matter to you. You’re putting effort for a love that means nothing and leaves you empty. That isn’t love or what dating relationships should be like. But that’s all you right? That one bad relationship or person haunts you in your dating life like a phantom. Always looming over what you should be and how you can change to fit their persona. Stop it, right now!

Love yourself enough to leave those people. Cut them out of your life and pray you never cross paths with them again. Delete everything and forget the hurt they inflicted on you as a child because it’s time to grow up. Time to wipe off your tears and self-loathing. It’s time to see what everyone else sees. It’s time to love the quirky person that you are. Enough of excuses and heartbreak. YOU are the only one allowing your heart to break by returning to people and situations that DON’T MATTER.

LEAVE RIGHT NOW. LEAVE before you forget your self-worth because you’re worth a hell of a lot more than what these people are giving back.



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