Water Lily (“Learn To Pick Her First”)


Rivers run dry
in spicy heat
beating waves
of sun
in his crackling
voice underneath
the tumble weed.

She draws the water
in with her lily pad
from rain pouring
through the waterways
and strengthening
her roots
aquamarine bubbles
and self-love.

She does not need him.
The man of heat
drying her roots
and sucking water
from her flow
of canals
and picking her
pearl petals
in the flood
of raw emotion.

He only knows heat.
The heat of two
bodies wrapped
in the moment
of flavor and spice
tingling from his lips
and fogging
midnight glass
with a smile.

She is more than
a moment of heat
and a body
of desire.
She is a water lily
with emotion
and roots
settling in floods
and thirst.
Learn to pick
her first.
Ā© 13 minutes ago


2 thoughts on “Water Lily (“Learn To Pick Her First”)”

  1. That was beautiful Britany.Great work. A woman is to be valued and treated with respect and care. She is to be loved and esteemed highly for she is made in the image of God as is man. Thanks for writing such beautiful poetry.


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