Love your “Emotional” Self


I love the fact that I’m emotional. I don’t find it a weakness, but my strongest attribute. Emotional people are an incredible breed of humans who are in tuned with their emotions and needs of others. We feel deeply, love passionately, and give without hesitation. We wear our hearts on our sleeves even if it means we’ll get hurt more than the average person. We just care too much and that’s not a bad thing.

We live in a culture that negates the expression of emotions. We are told to have our constant poker faces out and pretend nothing bothers us. We can’t get “attached”, catch feelings, or even show that we care in fears of  being labeled “clingy.” In my view, I think the hook-up culture and poker-face society is a waste of the human experience. We need to feel, love, and break in order to become stronger and resilient individuals.  We have to learn to embrace emotional expression and have enough courage to be human. Otherwise, we’re wasting valuable energy as disconnected robots.

Emotional people are “emotionally available” in the sense of having an open connection to the people around them. They understand their needs and wants. In return, they try to understand the emotional needs of others. They are passionate, empathetic, and  courteous people who are capable of saying and doing the right things. We understand others’ pain because we feel it, too. We’re open to listening, giving time, and lending a hand when needed. I find that to be one of the most beautiful gifts that we can give as humans.

When you begin dating or searching for the “one”, never let anyone tell you that being emotional is a liability. Never let them tell you a lame excuse of them being “emotionally unavailable” just because they’re afraid of their feelings. Embrace the emotional being that you are. There is no shame in crying during a movie, laughing loudly in a crowd of people, or expressing your emotions. Your capacity to feel and love is a gift that not everyone can cherish.

So, wipe those tears off with a Kleenex and show your beautiful smile. You’re a rare creature indeed for being brave enough to feel. Not many people are capable of the strength you display on a daily basis. Learn to love your emotional self.


-Britany Elayne



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