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her auburn eyes
burning through
dark night
with a heat lamp
and lighter
to float
on top skyscrapers
and miniature bodies
following the flying stars.

Stars twinkle with
the her smile
creasing cheeks
and learning
wishes are for
and dream-catchers
ready to snare
a fish in with its
punctured lip
like a crescent moon
dangling in
the shadows.

She draws in helium
chocking on air
and reducing her
voice into a squeal
of words muttered
underneath heated
breath and liberalizing
freedom in the presence
of no man burning
her auburn eyes
to illuminate her sky
of heat lamps
and shooting stars.

She wishes for
a man to burn
with auburn eyes
following her
dreams like
the milky way
flowing through
the universe with
open space
and a bucket list
of I never dream
of you
the illuminant
to light my way.



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