The Energetic Person


Energetic people are exciting and passionate. They dream big dreams and believe that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. They don’t just smile, they laugh loudly. They don’t wait for life to pass them by, they go after what they want in life. They understand the importance of living life to the fullest. They aren’t your typical “human” with middle ground. No, these people feel valleys and mountains.

In their highest peak, energetic people can accomplish anything. They can pull all-nighters, work 8 hour shifts, study for an exam, and write an essay all within 24 hours. They can travel to multiple places in a day still filled with enthusiasm and energy for the next adventure. They appreciate life’s most mundane pleasures and smallest details. They see the beauty in every aspect of life, even if it means just taking a walk in a park. They just love life and that’s a breathtaking quality.

But when the energetic person becomes depressed or uneasy, their spark quickly vanishes. They become withdrawn, anxious, and sad. They may stop eating, oversleep, and show symptoms of depression. In their lowest valleys, the energetic person becomes their own worst enemy. All their passionate energy from their highest peak turns into soul-shattering pain. The negative energy consumes the person with lies and heartache. They start hating themselves and guilt manifests into a parasite, sucking away their creative energy. The major con of being energetic is that the energy can be used against you.

Energetic people need to be careful of their surroundings and feelings. They need to watch out for their triggers and rejoice in their talents. While, being energetic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a pretty amazing experience. Some people may not understand your hyper tendencies, your loud laugh, and strong will. Not everyone is so fortunate to have so much energy to enjoy life. Just be mindful in how much energy you give out. Some people will try to suck your energy out of you in the name of users, gossipers, and Debby-downers.

Try to stay happy and energetic, my energized peeps. All that energy is more of a blessing than a curse.  You have the capacity to do things that normal people won’t do. You can go to the gym after work, you can find new adventures, and socialize with many people of different backgrounds. It’s not your fault that some people can’t take the heat. Your energy is a beautiful gift meant to inspire, uplift, and encourage others around you.

Smile and solider on!

~Britany Elayne






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