Happiness is Bliss

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There is nothing like a good hardy laugh to make a day amazing or a sweet exchange of smiles from a good friend to set the mood right. The right people in your life can make life like an adventure filled with silliness, loud laughs, and unforgettable moments. True friends and family are the greatest gifts in life and happiness is a by-product of social connection. All I have to say is that happiness is bliss.

Without all the drama and toxic people in my life, I can finally breathe and focus on the good. I can see the rainbows after the heavy storm that dragged me through for more than a year. I see promise, hope, and love surrounded by the people I interact and spend my time with on a daily basis. I have good friends, a loving family, and a bright future ahead of me. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Of course, there is always something more that I would want but happiness isn’t meant for the past or the future. True happiness is content with the present and accepting  one’s life stage. While other people are entering new relationships, traveling to exotic places, and having children, I’m here still in college and chilling until life floats me somewhere else. I’ve come to terms with being single and settling for what I have at the moment.

Sure, I would like to meet someone who’s my other half. Someone who enjoys my company and would like a commitment with me. Someone who wouldn’t mind spending the rest of their lives with but that’s not for me at this moment. Maybe in the far future that guy will be there and would want more than to just to “have fun” or who isn’t psycho. I wonder what’s its like to meet a nice genuine guy who’s actually interested in me, haha!

Even if that love never comes knocking at my door, I hope my love for myself and other people never fades. I hope I continue to be happy for other people and celebrate their accomplishments in life. I hope I never get dragged down in the depths of  depression again. I hope that I still get to see the light at the end of the tunnel even if it’s too dark. I just hope for many things and I never really had hope before. I was too lost at one point to ever hope for anything more than silence.

Now, I realize that I  need to hear a roar  telling me I can make it. I need God and faith. I need someone to believe in and it’s okay if it isn’t me because love in unattached. Love is free moving and flows through different people in small and big ways. And even if you don’t get everything you want in life, happiness is always a choice.

So, what’s the choice are you making today?

I’m choosing happiness for a change.






2 thoughts on “Happiness is Bliss”

  1. “True happiness is content with the present…” – uplifting write! A moment is all we have and life is composed of these moments, all squished together to become everything we are. Sometimes we focus on moments we want instead of the ones we have and miss the amazing beauty that exits in being alive now, in this moment. You are surrounded by love, nature and life is love, everything else is just extra. May your life be filled with the extras while you enjoy the now ♥

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