Vintage Spots

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Polaroid pictures hang like
self-portraits painted
and drawn with a yellow
tint of coffee stains
aging youth in
with the light
of vintage spots.

Spot-on with a shot
of light reflecting
a subtle smile,
fashion cannot smile
in professional settings
with yellow stains
or crooked teeth,
she must remain
neutral and simple
like an elegant
Audrey Hepburn
singing Moon River.

She is black-eyed
and white-skinned
in vintage light,
of the exact spot
of the spotlight
sided in an angle
to deflect insecurities
and faith in the moon river,
drifting her huckleberry friend
away behind a camera,
shooting her with a smile
behind a fashion law.

Light shifts color hues
as she awaits around
the bend of rainbow light
drifting her along moon river
and capturing a moment
in vintage spots
dotted by age
and wrinkles
in time.

She whispers under
her breath to avoid
feelings reeling
along a film
of Breakfast at Tiffany’s,
“Love waits for no
huckleberry friend.”




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