Rainbow Bend

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I dive into
the Rainbow Bend,
a bend of lights
mimicking your
eyes beneath
of blue river
green earth
red fire
orange sun
and purple splashes
of sunset clouds.

A colorful world
spent in the bend
of our river boats
traveling with
leaping fishes
escaping the grasps
of bear claws,
we are free
with the water flow
following the colors
of our dreams.

Beneath the waterfalls,
I see you as my reflection
of a mirror
with tangible glass
I caress your fingers
in the outline
of water molecules.
Trace the palm
of your hand
by only breaching
the bare surface.

Walk on water
to meet my hands
beside the waterfall.
I wonder if you are
a dream,
an illusion of lights
along the rainbow bend.

Meet me beneath the falls,
Meet me in dreams
Meet me in the rainbow bend.

Our world is painted in water colors.


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