All I Know

Image result for swallows san juan capistrano

All I know
are the ruffles
of a feather
from a swallow’s
wing from
the transfer
of wind
howling in
the night’s
mating call.

A fallen feather
to crash on
cold earth
a sway down
with the acute
angle of gravity
seesawing its
way through

If I can fall
like this feather
from the atmosphere
feel light
as a movement
of air molecules
stringing oxygen
and gravity in
my wings.

I would give
you each feather
to understand
flight from
an arrow
from the bow
angled in a smile.

A crease to decrease
the change of migration.
Swallows come
and they go,
a mating call
to go home
to San Juan Capistrano,
the jewel of the missions,
a mission to

A devotion
to the mission.
Fallen feathers
breathing new life
into California,
a new cycle
a new dream-catcher
to hang on my wall
from feathers’ fall.

Build my heart
inside of a mission,
a devotion in migration,
stay inside with me,
this is all I know.



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