Bonfire Love

Image result for bonfire on beach

Bonfire on beach

the smoke

transforms into

a plum of black

air chocking

ashes within

the blown wind.


Fire flames burn

broken wood

teared down

for roasting

white-puffed marshmallows

gooey between fingers


for gram-crackers

and melted

Hershey chocolate.


S’mores  harvested

by a couple

warming hearts

on a wooden stick,

an instrument

tracing initials

in the sand,

only to burn

by sundown.


Beauty for ashes

their letters washed away

by the high tide,

sea sand trading

the place of sea stars

colorful and bright,

like her immaculate eyes

setting the sun

on a Sunday.


She loves him

in the angle

of fire flames

dancing with

shadows of

mother moon.

He rests on her

bony shoulder,

he is a skeleton

of lovely bones,



his ashes

next to hers.


I wonder if

love is like

the beauty of ashes,

a head to lean on.

I want this love,

close my eyes

a bonfire

in my heart

sealed by flames.


I want a love like this.


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