Butterfly Shadow


Rain sprinkle on my eyelids
Flutter like a butterfly close
lashes to the tip
of rain ducts
clench fists into a cocoon
if only my fingers
can form wings
and my thumbs
embody a butterfly
to the shadow
of the overcast moon.

Night is where
my hands
are puppets
to the strings
of emotions
crawling a caterpillar
up my boney spine
to my rib cage
fluttering feelings
come and go.

Heart chamber
beating through
crystalline fabric
a ticking bomb
of a woman’s womb
birthing new life
from depression
spiral in motion
to cold green earth.

This is my rebirth.
Caterpillar spawn
crawling through
emerald green
leaves of forest trees
kicking through cocoon
transforming into a butterfly.

Strong women crawl
and fly
to the sunset.

Newfound grace
opening fists again
into a butterfly shadow.


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