Silver Stars

Silver stars outline
the darkest night
bright with Christmas lights
hanging on red-brick houses.

Silver bells ring-a-ding
to mistletoes above
hanging on a wire
a kiss on the nose
to save from
the frostbite cold.

Blizzard breeze shaking
my Christmas tree branches
gold and silver
the lights beam
for cookie-dough breath
from Santa’s lips.

If I give my heart tonight
neon lights burn red
from jolly cheeks
blushing with the crush
of a snowflake.
Crumble snow into
a winter ball
and make a snowman.

Frosty white
the man is alive
with a carrot-top nose
and black-coal buttons
sown on his chest.
Snowball fighting
with a heart’s unrest.

Santa comes
and Santa goes
down the chimney
with winter blows
whipping through
silver bells
and the hanging mistletoe.

I hear silver bells
I see silver stars
with a kiss underneath
red, gold, and green.


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