The Sun Shines


Over and abound the clouds
cotton candy pink
puffs of merry-go-rounds
before your heart becomes
cozy to sun-set.

The sun shines
when the world
becomes a black
gulp of fresh-brewed coffee
black staining your smile
into a frown.
In this moment
you have a choice
to set your heart down
to the stars,
the sun a turn away
and the earth a cast-away.

Become what you choose,
become the sun
shining in the east,
the center of your
own universe,
where self-love
orbits around you
and planets spin through
an open space
like a closed mind
opening up to the possibility
of a God
lightyears ahead of you.

Breathe again
even if there is not
enough oxygen
to calm the wheezing
from the lack of air,
be the breath of life
to force air down
your lungs.

When it becomes dark
as night becomes lonely,
remember that the sun
still shines
and the universe is yours,
but the choice is always yours.


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