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The Difference (poem)

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You tell me you erode into
like sand washed shores
marking its fingerprints,
a final claim to the moon
and the stars overhead
the icy black sky.

Do you forget I am the moon?
The luna, the Selene
I am part of woman
and the woman is
part of me.

I have craters in places
from flying word asteroids
from love ruined debris
floating in my thin atmosphere,
I can barley breathe.

You tell me we are different
like the sun and moon,
you are darkness
and I am light
but the sky does not divide.

Likeness, sameness
I see you in my faces
mimicking light reflected
from the setting sun.

I see you
do not tell me
we are too different
to understand
the darkness

I Luna, I Selene
The darkness surrounds me
and gravity pulls me towards you,
like the moon to earth,
like the earth to the sun.


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