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Hummingbird Speed

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My heart, a tiny beat
My wings, a tiny motor
to drive my body
into emerald trees
branches hanging
from the sides
of arms outreaching
my high-cheek bones
to remind myself
that I am beautiful.

Poppy bloom
at my feet
flutter underneath
the mutter of chirps
and sweet tweets,
irritability boils
in the flash heat
of blood in the lunar cycle.
Womanhood is the cycle
of life.

I am beautiful
with tears raining
mascara coloring mud
streaks on the sides of
my oval face.
Being a woman hurts
the cramping
of my stomach
loosing an unhatched egg,
my moods shifting
with the moon.
Low and high tides
pulling on my shores.
This is the cycle of rebirth.

Hummingbird speed
I feel more than most women
do in the days
before and after
the bleed.
I nest and collect
fallen branches
in anxious speeds.

I flutter with the words
of my lover
and sink into thorn bushes
with prickly words.
I relearn that I am beautiful
even if it hurts.

Photo Source:

Woman and Hummingbird

Painting by Dasic Fernandez seen in the gallery at Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida.

Photo by James aka Urbanmuralhunter on that other photo site.

Edit by Teee

Website source:

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