Britany Elayne is just your typical amateur poet. She loves to write and reflect about life while sipping black coffee at midnight. She loves to travel, eat anything, and read random online articles to gain inspiration. When she isn’t writing poetry or contemplating the meaning of life, she is either at school, work, or spending time with loved ones. She has a pet rabbit who’s her soulmate, a car that always needs washing, and a pile of homework that needs to be procrastinated on. She’s studying to be the next superstar elementary teacher who wants to inspire children to reach their full potential. She’s extremely sassy, short, and hot-tempered but she’s also a hopeless romantic. She’s a proud Jesus freak and believes there’s always a meaning in life. If you say otherwise, she’ll politely disagree but support your opinion anyway. Some of her favorite poets include Pablo Neruda, Robert Frost, and Shakespeare.

Follow her blog to learn about her crazy ideologies of life, her poetic muses, and her pet rabbit named bunny.