Anxiety Shell

I hate having an anxiety shell when I first meet new people. Especially if I'm feeling especially anxious for no reason, it makes me more awkward and wordless. In those times of discomfort, I try to latch on to another person I barley met and to retain the conversation. Anything that comes to mind or… Continue reading Anxiety Shell


It’s Okay to be Anxious

Have you felt embarrassed by fretting over something irrelevant?  You probably have enough money in the bank to pay your bills, you have food in your stomach, and nobody is antagonizing you, so what's the problem? Not sure but you know darn well that you shouldn't feel the way you feel. I mean if anybody… Continue reading It’s Okay to be Anxious

Realize How Anxiety Works

Do you know how anxiety feels like? Or, is it just an excuse that people use to avoid getting a job, going out with friends, arriving late, or not answering the phone? Whatever your opinion is on depression and anxiety, it's important to talk about it. Even if you haven't experienced extreme anxiety, at least… Continue reading Realize How Anxiety Works