Self-Reflection and Change

There are many things in the world we want to be and hope to be. Many things we wish that can happen and to live for. We all want a purpose, a mantra, and a love for what we do in our lives. However, there are times we fall short of our expectations and make… Continue reading Self-Reflection and Change


Happiness is Bliss

There is nothing like a good hardy laugh to make a day amazing or a sweet exchange of smiles from a good friend to set the mood right. The right people in your life can make life like an adventure filled with silliness, loud laughs, and unforgettable moments. True friends and family are the greatest… Continue reading Happiness is Bliss


Afraid of No Ghost

So what if you're afraid of speaking up or that you have those jitters when you wake up from your nightmares? So what if my personality or even my face gives you the spooks? Does it matter to me? Nah, I'm not afraid of any ghost. Spook me all you want but you can't scare… Continue reading Afraid of No Ghost