No More Time to Waste

I was just thinking of how much time I waste in a given day. Worrying about people and things that don't even matter and wasting precious time for nothing. I used to hold out my time for people who never gave back, for monetary things that don't even matter, and feed into my thoughts with… Continue reading No More Time to Waste


Meaning Behind the 911 Call

I find it ironic that so many things in our life can be rooted back to the Bible. Even when we go to our favorite burger joint, In-N-Out Burger, you can find bible verses plastered¬† all over its cup products and burger wraps. I always enjoyed grabbing my pocket-sized bible and just to look up… Continue reading Meaning Behind the 911 Call


Beauty for Ashes

I don't believe many people understand the concept of battling demons in your mind and still trying to smile through hell's fire. It's easy to consume yourself in the flames and allow your lungs to drown in smoke until you lose the ability to breathe.¬† Drops of sweat leak from your forehead and your heartbeat… Continue reading Beauty for Ashes