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Sunflower Sisters

Source: Golden petals surround your perfect faces I see you grow tall in rocky soil and turn your faces towards the sun. Where would I be without all of you? My sun, my light beaming in my darkest thoughts. You shed petals for me when I cry water-drops to help us grow when the… Continue reading Sunflower Sisters


Homesick at Home

Most people feel the longing for home and family when they travel to new places, study abroad, or maybe even staying over at a friend's house. The grief-sickening feeling lingers for days and the unfamiliarity of your surroundings makes things uncomfortable. But is it possible to feel homesick when you're a young adult living at… Continue reading Homesick at Home


Heavenly (written 5 years ago)

Angel, Angel, Angel, can you hear my faint whisper? My worldly words never seem to reach you beyond the heavens. I can still feel your lingering kiss upon my lips… And the careful caresses of your holy hands… There is truthfully emptiness without your perfect presence… I need you here to ease my sorrowful soul!… Continue reading Heavenly (written 5 years ago)