Self-Reflection and Change

There are many things in the world we want to be and hope to be. Many things we wish that can happen and to live for. We all want a purpose, a mantra, and a love for what we do in our lives. However, there are times we fall short of our expectations and make… Continue reading Self-Reflection and Change


Mercy On Me (Song) *inspired by Amazing Grace

Jeee-sus, do you hear my call-ing? I feel like I'm free fall-ing from your ho-ly hands! I'm not strong enough to stand. My feet are tired and worn my heart's already torn but I'm about to be reborn in your perfect presence! (Chorus) Have Mer-cy, Mer-cy, Mer-cy on me! I'm bowin on my knees Prayin… Continue reading Mercy On Me (Song) *inspired by Amazing Grace